Google Drive Import - Nonexistent Files, Didn't Import

I did a Google Drive Import on my MyPassport external hard drive. It said it went through, but when I went to delete some files, it says those files don’t exist even though I can see them in the drive, and it didn’t import a bunch of my files even though it said it did. I’m really confused and don’t know what to do. Any help?

What I’d like to do most is remove the unwanted files from my drive (which the drive shows me, but when I try to delete says they don’t exist). I’d even be fine with resetting the drive somehow, but I have no idea how to do that.

To be clear, all I did was use the WD Discovery “Import” option, log into Google Drive, run an import, then try to delete files. Some of the files deleted fine, others will not - when I click and delete them, it says they don’t exist.

Any help would be amazing! I just got this drive and would like to use it. Thank you!


If you don’t need any of the files on the MY Passport, you should be able to Erase the drive and start over. On WD Discovery, slelec “Apps” and then WD Drive Utilities. When that opens select “Erase” and follow directions. You are going to lose anything on the drive.

Now from WD Discovery Apps, select WD Backup and follow directions (See Help bottom left). Be patient; the first backup may take overnight.


This worked! Thank you so much!!