Goodbye WD

as a amator Person after so many problems in just a few days with EX2, I can’t accept these problems from a NAS Drive! and WD Company!
I buy a Synology DS214Play and I will sell this bugy EX2

Goodbye my lover, Goodbye my friend

next week I will be happy again with one exactly NAS Drive:

  • Dropbox is not working! (sometimes worked sometimes not worked)

  • USB 3 copy is fast as a USB2

  • HTTP Download does not work with Premium Accoints

  • Atached a My Passport 1TB to USB and it does not worked until I restatd 3 times!

  • Support is just a icon and when you need support you bekamme a Error! :slight_smile: (Really funny)

  • Read Speed is wonderful but for Write you must wait wait and wait

Hi there, 

We appreciate your feedback and apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced with your device, as this is not the typical or intended experience with the product and provided support.