Goodbye Black Mamba

Finally managed to get this awesome theme on my smp, does anybody know if the new folder sheets will work on the smp, ive been trying for days and cant seem to get it. dunno if its the settings or just that the smp doesnt do it?

thought the link sheets wasnt for the smp,exactly how did you get the theme on your smp…thx in advance I already have my zip file (Goodbye black mamba) 14.7mb.

im using this for the theme only, linksheets arent possible, but moviesheets work fine. would love to get the folder sheets working though…anybody managed this??

yes, linksheets work on SMP,

read a few of the threads in the SMP forum, should make it clear

when i said dont work, i mean for a normal library of films, due to the limitations of the filesize. the question is whether the smp can do folder sheets???

that’s exactly what I mean,

folder sheets work just fine, and the file size limitations can be removed by running the theme from a thumbdrive