Going to Media Servers shows my C: frive and stuff that doesn't even exist anymore

I have my WDTV Live Plus plugged into my router (not wireless). It finds both Win7 64bit machines connected to it and it seems to work fine.

If I go to Video then Media Servers it finds my Desktop and a folder on my desktop that has videos in it, that’s good. I wanted to share those.

Question? Why do I see C: in that list? I’ve never shared my entire C: drive that I know of.

C: only leads me to one certain folder C:\Users\dentaku\Documents\blablabla… It’s a deeply nested folder tat must have had an .avi file in it at some time.

That’s the only folder that it lets me look in. The weird thing is that it also finds a folder and a file that DOESN’T even exist anymore. ???

How do I stop C: from showing up in the list of shares when I go to Media Servers?

I have no idea.  

Media Server (DLNA) doesn’t usually list entire drives, just folders that are added to the Media Library.

SHARING is something totally different.

It takes time for Windows to update the list of media that it will show to DLNA clients; how long ago did you delete that folder / file?

OK. After thinking about it I see that Windows Media Player itself is the Media Server so I went into WMP and found that I could see the exact same stuff in there that I could with the WDTV Live +.

So, in WMP I went to Library/Videos/Folder and removed that folder. Now it doesn’t show up on the WDTV anymore. In fact, C: doesn’t show up anymore either, just the 2 video folders I wanted to share. :slight_smile:

I’m assuming those will probably just be the folders I have set as Shared in the OS and have nothing to do with WMP or Media Servers.