Global cifs port forwarding

Hello all.

As am using mycloud smb share globally cifs port are blockef in ISP end. Could you please let me know is there any option to forward tge cifs port to other port for external communication.

Thanks in Advance

Really, You DONT want CIFS traversing the naked internet.

No. You. Dont. Want. That.

(That is how the various file encryptor ransomwares out there screw with people, are people who have bad security on their CIFS/SMB file shares, and the ransomware is able to access their files remotely from infected computers operating as a botnet.)

What you want to do instead is set up an encrypted network tunnel, called a VPN, then access the CIFS share over that tunnel.

Thanks for the reply. we are in need to access CIFS share globaly. CIFS port ore blocked in our ISP end so we need to forward with secure port could you please guide me.

As Wierd_w said; set up a VPN. Google will find plenty of information on how to do this, and how to use it.