Giving up on WD TV Live Streaming

I have giving up on the WD TV Live Streaming device.  My whole library is MP4 and the device can not play them.  I have 3 different devices all work, including a WD TV HD LIVE.  

I have recommended to friends and family not to purchase this device.  It is sad that WD would release a device that can not play the same files as previous WDTV devices.  

I’m tired of being a “beta” tester. 

My WDTV2 plays MP4s just fine…indeed I find it the most reliable format to play on the WDTV2.

When one is struggleing with something, I guess it is always easier to blame the other instead of the guy in the mirror.

I wish it was true.  I have opened two tickets and posted on the Live Steaming Issues forum.  (   I have spend hours documenting the problem and showing it was mp4 files.  The likely cause is the AAC audio (320 bit/VBR).

You might take a look.  There are hundreds of users with the same problem.  I reported my issue just 3 days after the device went on sale.  

Still no resolution to the problem.  

I guess it is easier to defend the crappy device and blame the user than to search this forum for other users having the same problem!

Other than the network error I’ve documented with MKVs, I find that MKV is by far the most “reliable” format on the WD given its multiple different combinations of Video / Audio support.

MP4s have SEVERAL issues:

   1-  VOBSUB subtitles make the screen flash.

   2-  Secondary audio tracks aren’t accessible.

   3-  AAC audio in MP4 is often out of sync.

I feel your pain;  I have a handful of MP4s / M4Vs left over for testing, but I generally also convert them over to MKV…

Speaking of which, is there a handy way of batch converting videos without losing resolution?

MKVMerge will do it quite quickly, but I don’t know off-hand if it’s natively batchable.   

In windows, a quick batch file would make it batchable, though…

In mmg.exe you can add files to a queue.