Give My Cloud app a decent shuffle and the capability to play music playlists

Give My Cloud app the capability to play music playlists. I have some Android apps on my Kindle tablet that do a great job playing my Playlists stored on my WD NAS,. I do not have any iOS apps that can do this on my phone or iPad. My preferred app to do this is the My Cloud app, if it could do it. Please add this feature.

Additionally. the My Cloud app sorely needs a shuffle function, and a good one.

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Status: Acknowledged

I’ve been seeking the same thing. Seems very odd to be able to create playlists on mycloud on my PC, but then not be able to play them via the mycloud app on my iphone

I auto-create random playlists from a specific iTunes library in iTunes that my WDTV can play as well as many DLNA apps can play on a Fire HD tablet. I also have a Seagate wireless drive that can play playlists from tunes on the drive via the Seagate Media iOS app. My Cloud app should be doing the same thing!