Git repository for My CLoud Ex2 Ultra

Hi everyone, Does anyone know how I can configure a git repository into MyCloud Ex2 Ultra . For example, I wanna do repositories in a folder which it is in my cloud. That have to let me to do a push, commit, pull…


MyCloud versions that need patching include MyCloud, MyCloudMirror, My Cloud Gen 2, My Cloud PR2100, My Cloud PR4100, My Cloud EX2 Ultra, My Cloud EX2, My Cloud EX4, My Cloud EX2100, My Cloud EX4100, My Cloud DL2100, and My Cloud DL4100. Products on firmware version 4.x aren’t affected. The file upload bug Bercegay mentions is in the multi_uploadify.php function.
9Apps Lucky Patcher VidMate

Dear adanacs, thank you for the post it was very helpful. I got to point 4, and then got lost.
I was wondering if you could spare me few mins and point me to the right direction.

I am accessing the drives (Cloud EX2 Ultra web control panel) from a windows machine and can also see the drive on windows explorer. 9Apps Vidmate Apk

not sure how to point the user account to the folder can even go to the folder the repo i created.

plus not sure how to run those commands.

I hope i don’t discourage your response by asking basic questions, i am new.