I am looking for GIT on wd cloud PR4100 I was looking on forums but for this model there is no application, does anyone see or know anything? Thanks in advance for your help, best regards!

Get entware from
Then in ssh shell do

opkg update
opkg install git git-http

See [PACKAGE] Entware, the ultimate repo with about 2000 packages

I have enabled ssh, but where should I enter these commands?

In an ssh shell… e.g. use putty if you’re on windows. What do you expect to do with git?

I would like to get the code synchronization with eclipse. I was thinking about sourcetreeapp to load the code between the partners. I use the MAC OS system. But synchronization will be implemented from windows. Thanks in advance for your help.

ok I’m login in root # opkg update
-sh: opkg: not found, but I have this error in terminal. I;m so sorry for problem.

Sorry I have no idea what you’re talking about. Feel free to link more info.

Opkg not found means entware is not installed or opkg is not in path.

 ls /opt/bin/opkg


I am so sorry that I am so bothering about the first time I have dealt with it. I am connected to my wd cloud by ip by selecting ssh in the mac os terminal.

Seems like you don’t have entware installed.

How can I fix it, where and how to download it?

I have the same problem…
Do you solve it??
I need to install Git Server on PR4100… can you help?

It may be too late for some, but not too late for the others.
After a small research, I downloaded and installed the binaries available here via the Web application.

Once they installed, I had the opkg on the disk and I installed the git.