Ghost-disk appeared

Hello experts,
after a long time of trying to reach the dashboard of my Cloud Mirror
suddenly a new hard disk in the style of “Macintosh HD” appeared on
my desktop. It’s gone again, without my permission, but if I remember
correctly the name was “FES” (?) Any GhostBuster here who can tell
me, what’s going on ?
Greetings from Germany

Hello there,

Try to open a terminal window and on this window type “arp -a” this should show all the devices on the network.

Hello ArMak,
thanks for your contribution and effort to help !
Ihr problem is as follows:

So I could find the TCP-IP number of the box, but then there was no access to the
dashboard from the “Finder” and even “Opera” couldn’t access it.
Thanks for ‘onleading’ ideas from Germany