Getting TV Live to see my MBL shares

Hi folks,

I have just bought a TV Live and I already have a MBL. 

I have set up the TV live over a WiFi connection and it seems ok but when I go into Videos or Photos all the shares on MBL were there. 

On MBL I have 3 shares: Movies, Movies 15 (those not suitable for my son) and Photos.

I’d just like these folders to show up in TV Live in a simple way so the family know what’s what.

What’s the best way to do this?

How does adding to Media Library differ to accessing files directly?

I added those 3 folders to it but only 2 show up.

I tinkered with favourites but get confusing results. It telling me that Photos is no longer present and stuff.

Any tips on how to set this up?

I’m particularly interested in what difference the media library makes, and if I add files to the MBL shares will the WD TV live see them.


Just separate the files you want into different shares, no easy way around it.

The media library is like a compilation of all the sources at once, like shortcuts.