Getting Started - TV Source

i have just purchased a W TV Live along with a HDMI cable.  I have plugged it all in and turned on however I cannot get the TV to go to the source (HDMI) when I select it.  Should I be doing anything else??

It’s not real clear to me exactly what you are asking, so I will ask you:

Assuming you have a TV that you watch television shows on . . .

Is the TV signal getting into your TV from a cable box, and if so, is it getting into the TV from a TV cable or from an HDMI cable connected to your cable service set top box?  Many cable boxes can serve up the signal to a TV either way.  If the TV signal is not coming from a box, it cannot serve it up via HDMI.  I mention this because I don’t know how much you know about using HDMI cables.

If you are inputting the cable box signal to your TV via HDMI, fine, or perhaps you don’t have any HDMI cable hooked to your TV other than the one for the new media player.  In the second case, you need to read in your TV manual how to select an HDMI input using your remote, and in particular, the correct HDMI input to select.  For example, if you have more than one HDMI input to your TV, and you plugged the media player output into the HDMi input labeled #1, then you need to select HDMI #1 on your remote.

Hope this info helps.

Assuming you have followed the above instructions and still experiencing problems. Before you do anything drastic, connect the WDTV Live to another digital TV, and confirm that you have a HDMI signal.

If yes; you may be experiencing HDMI handshaking issues. Connect the WDTV Live to the original digital TV HDMI port and switch it on. Refer to your digital TV manual. Use the remote, go to the setup section. There should be a HDMI port setup. Go into the HDMI port setup, press the remote and let the digital TV lock into the WDTV Live. The digital TV should scan the WDTV Live port and lock into the signal.

If not, I would return the WDTV Live to the place of purchase and ask for an exchange.