Getting Rid Of Password

After I wrote the heading above I found out the procedure for keeping the drive unlocked, but this forum kindly saved a post I had started.

I had a previous post about getting started, but since then the WD Unlocker showed up in My Computer, which when submitted brought up Drive L, which is WD SmartWare. I went to Settings and took off the password protection for now, which leaves the option of locking it again it need be.

The problem I am having now is after I pressed on the Unlock icon was the only time the AutoPlay window came up. I can press the WD icon in the tray and bring up the 4 tabbed main WD screen. However, there does not seem to be any options to go to and display my files and folders on the external drive on those screens, although the Retrieve and Settings screens do allow various user options.

At this time I am unsure how to bring up and review the files on the external drive since I have left it unlocked. When AutoPlay was coming up during the unlock process, I could choose Pics or Videos or Audio Files and those were brought forth, like Pictures occupied the full screen and seemed to be randomly placed. But after that first choice, the AutoPlay screen was gone and I could go no further. Can anyone point me in the right direction. I would like to access my backed up files in as close to My Computer’s type of format as  possible and be able to click between the various folders and files.

And the AutoPlay itself is very confusing, many options for the various types of files. Thanks for any help since I am not a very knowledgeable user on some aspects of this. Once the external drive is set up and I have learned to navigate in it I will probably rarely visit it.

You’re doing it wrong, you are looking at SMARTWARE, not the drive.

Click on start> computer/my computer> open PASSPORT.

You’ll see the files you copied manually (Copy and paste) inside, and the files copied by smartware inside a folder called swstor

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Thanks Matrix for the help.