Getting frustrated with my WD My Cloud Home

So I was one of the gullible ones who bought into the lie that is the WD My Cloud home. Recent updates to Plex mean that EPG updates for Plex DVR are becoming less and less thorough and reliable. Unfortunately the Plex server version provided by WD is from May 2018 with no sign of a new one any time soon, which is frustrating because functionality is gradually degrading due to lack of updates. flat for sale in lower parel

Anyone have any suggestions for viable alternatives at a similar price point? I’m not really looking for a transcoding powerhouse as it’s just me that uses it direct play with a dual tuner HDHR.

Also does anyone know when the next Plex update for the My Cloud home might happen? I also read somewhere that the My Cloud Home’s storage can be hacked using a usb-sata adapter to enable SSH among other things. Has anyone managed this and was it possible to update Plex this way?

Thanks in advance.