Getting Content info.... never stops updating

Seems the getting content info never stops @ main screen.

Any suggestions?

ty, seems I’m not alone.

I have this problem and have summitted a Support Ticket, no resolution yet.

I was wondering if anyone has tried a “Format” of the hard drive, via the Systems Menu, starting over afresh?

Follow UP…

deleted all of the content on my WD TV Live Hub’s HD via network share after turning off the Media Lib and Auto Content.  ( Format internal HD did not work )

Deleted the .wd_tv and .micocrawler_cache directries. Reset unit using hole and paper clip on bottom to restore to factory setting.

Truned back on Media Lib and Auto Content, since there were no files on the HD I got the Media Rebuild banner - quick flash - and the Getting Content info banner - a quick flash - It was gone  - Yea…

Now here comes the fun part. I put back one movie and got the Media Lib update and Get Contect info - both a quick flash. I next put a TV program (Bones) on the HD and again both banners flashed quickly and went away as normal.

I next copied back onto the HD the “Sample Media” folder (originally on HD) and its Music, Photo and Video folders and their content. ( I assume that they were all public domain stuff)

I got the Media Lib banner flash, but the Getting Content info did not go away. I next deleted the Video folder and it contents but it did not change the results. I next deleted the Music folder and it contents and did a Setup/Media Lib clear and the Getting Content info flashed and went away.

I next added a mp3 and m4a files from my iTunes Music and the Getting Content info did not go away. When I deleted the music files and went to setup medial lib clear it went back to normal - Getting Content info flashed and went away.

Thinking that maybe its a DRM issue I downloaded a public domain mp3 file on to the HD and the problem returned.

I have been on the phone with WD Support - Level 2 to report my finding, They had no known issues relating to Music.

Hope this helps others.

Updated to new firmware 3.12.13 - it reset my setting to “Auto”.

Problem seems to be resolved for now.

On my two units, one with only original Sample Music; “Getting Info” goes away very fast. On the other with lots of Music it takes awhile, but does finally goes away.