Getting back on my My Book

It seems I am not the first with this kind of problem but i haven’t found any thread about how i got to my problem specifically so I’ll just post in hopes of a solution. My Windows 7 fried a couple of days ago, so i had to format and reinstall. My My Book worked fine on the previous windows 7 install, it was password protected and kept all my photo’s safe. Now with my fresh windows 7 install i connected my My Book again and wanted to get back at using the stuff on there. But it won’t let me. I can browse the HD, see all files that are on there (Just have to change some security properties). But when i want to open a picture or file, or want to copy them to my normal HDD it gives me the no go. I know the pasword it was protected with, only problem is that it is giving me no option to use it. It tells me the drive is not password protected. Does anyone know a fix for this? Already disconnected usb and power for a night to no avail. PS. Funny thing is when I select a folder on the drive to use as slideshow desktop it will show the pictures. Please help, 4 years of pictures on the disk.

I think you should contact tech support.!!&p_li=&p_topview=1