Get "invalid image" message after retrieving picture files from My Passport

I have a 500 GB My Passport Essential drive, model #WDBACY5000ARD-NETG, and have used SW Ver. 2.3.0.  I recently had to get a new internal hard drive, using Windows 7, so used the retrieve function, “retrieve to original location”, to retrieve all my data, picture, etc. files.  The first time I tried to view a picture on my new hard drive it said “do not have correct permission to view picture”.  So I used the retrieve function again from a User-XXX account and selected to just retrieve the “Pictures” folder for User-XXX and to overwrite existing files.  Now when I try to view a picture it says “invalid image”.  I really hope this doesn’t end up another sad story of someone losing all their picture files. 

The retrieve to the original location option is not valid since a new drive has been installed and the parameters for the folders have changed.

It’s better to retrieve the files to one folder.

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I had setup the 3 user accounts on my new hard drive as there were on my old.  Using the retrieve to original location worked fine except to USER-XX picture folder.  It put the pictures in the PUBLIC picture folder and it went downhill after that to move or copy them.  I ended up having to delete USER-XX account and recreate with a different user name.  Then I copied just the picture folder and it worked fine.

It would be nice if Western Digital would put a notice on the SmartWare software “Retrieve to Original Location” don’t use that option to a new hard drive even though it appears it’s Windows permissions on files that cause the problems.   Having to copy folders individually seems to defeat the purpose  “Retrieve to Original Location”.  Overall I was just happy to recover all my data files and especially pictures and the My Passport worked fine.