Get content info + thumbnail on gallery

Since to-day, i’ve noticed that the option get content info has disappeared and on gallery view the thumbnail of my movie will no longer appear on the movie sheet.

Has anyone encountered this problem?

My networkshare have full permission to read/write etc.

With media library  turned off, the get unfo tool usually appeared but not now

Should media libary be turn on for it to work?

I wouldn’t swear to it, but I’m pretty sure the Media Library has to be ON to use the Get Content Info feature.  

Furthermore, the option to do that won’t be available until the Media Library Compile is completed.

I’m not sure how Media Library correleates to the appearance of the thumbnails in the BIG spot on the upper left, but it does NOT prevent the thumbnails from appearing in the browser at the bottom.

But I do know that the thumbnail will not appear in the upper left if the media library compile isn’t completed before you start browsing.

thanks that it reappeared after compilation.

But its quite annoying to wait for the media library to finish compiling before being able to have a proper Gallery view or moviesheet view,