Get content info from second hub?

Apologies if this is a common question, but if so I didn’t pick good search terms. I’m trying to set up my second hub so that it not only plays content from, but also displays all the XML/picture data for each video. I can see the first hub and can navigate the folders, but cannot get anything to come up when pressing the option button, so I also cannot set certain folders as favorites. What am I doing wrong?

Turn your Media Library to “ON”

(You will be add Folders to Favourites but Metadata doesent work for Folders … Only Files)

It’s set to ON in both my hubs. I can see the content, but no metadata when going through the files. I’m using the latest firmware on both hubs.

You’re connecting to the other hub via Network Share, right?   Not Media Server?

… and you have the Content Source set to My Media Library?

Ah, I was connected via Media Server. What do I need to change to set the hubs up as a network share? One is behind a swtich. Will that make a difference?

First, enable sharing on the “Serving” hub (it’s enabled by default.)

Second, on the “Client” hub, go to SETUP / SYSTEM / MEDIA LIBRARY / MEDIA LIBRARY MANAGER …

and “Add” the hub as a share.

A switch won’t make any difference.