Genuine warranty label? Age of the drive?

I have bought an external drive with this HDD. I assume the product to be quite old, as the SMART values were deleted. Is there a chance to determine the real age/ production date?

Show us a detailed photo of the other side of the PCB. You will need a Torx screwdriver to remove it.

There are YWW or YYWW (Year/Week) date codes on the ICs, as well as a YYWW or WWYY code on the PCB.

For example, this PCB has date codes of 1728, 722, 1706, 0017, so the drive was manufactured during, or after, week 28 of 2017.

Crystal Disk Reports can read the internal values from the disk

Disk is not very old based on the label

Just check serial number at WD warranty page, all information will be there for retail HDD.