Genie9 not behaving well

I have been using Genie9 Home Timeline software for a few years with my WDMyCloud and there always seems to be issues with the backup stopping and not completing, I opened a ticket at Genie9 support and believe the issue is really that the WD drive becomes unavailable if the computer goes to sleep. I am not a WIndows user full time. Can someone help with ways I might be able to have my WDMyCloud available all the time to this software?


If the problem with the software is the computer going into sleep or hibernation mode then configure the computer settings to not go into sleep or hibernation mode. On Windows, see the Power & Sleep settings to configure when Windows puts the computer to sleep or hibernation.

If the issue is the OS3 (v4.x or v2.x firmware) My Cloud going into drive sleep mode, often the My Cloud doesn’t enter drive sleep mode anyway, one can disable (set to OFF) the Drive Sleep setting in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Energy Saver section and see if it helps.


Thanks, I am just getting to this as it is not my computer/backup. I think the issue is that the Genie9 software indicates the drive is full, both in the visual color coded bar and now I am getting a “drive full” warning on the software, bu the drive is not full, not even half full?