Generic Error 8968 messages in SmartWare

I’m trying to do backups in WD Smartware, but a lot of files won’t back up.  The files are showing up in the View Files list with the reason being GENERIC_ERROR_8968.  That doesn’t tell me a lot.  What do I need to do to fix this problem?

I’m backing up to MyBookLive, from a Windows 7 Home Premium PC.

Hello, if some of the files are in use by another program on your computer, smartware wont be able to complete the backup, be sure to close any program that might be using the files that you would like to backup.

That is not the case.  No other apps are running.  These are video, music and email files.  No media players are active.  Outlook is not running either.  I tried opening the files then closing them.  That didn’t work.  Uninstalling and reinstalling Smartware did not help either.

Solved the problem myself.  Sort of.  Stopped using SmartWare and started using a different backup.  Pulled out my old external HD from Brand S, loaded the Memeo backup software, and got better results.  It’s running in the background without the random momentary freeze-ups SmartWare gave me.  I’m able to write the backups to my secured user share on MBL - unlike the latest firmware upgrade that suddenly exposed backups of personal data for everyone to see.  (A major step backward on WD’s part - a true security faux pas.  But I digress…)

I am having the same problem… Though it seems to be more with Files Backup, than with Category Backup.

The files that are getting the 8968 seem to be some from Thunderbird (Mozilla e-mail); the e-mail folders, and some Registry Export files. Thunderbird was NOT running, and the Export files were from a few Months ago, so, should NOT be Using any programs.

There is one more problem, that I noticed, with File Backups. It isn’t there, Now, but I have a screen print showing two lines from the “These files failed to back up.” The two lines have Nothing in the Name column. In Size, it is 0.00 KB. In Date, it is 12/31/1600 7:00:00 PM. In Reason, it is “The operation completed successfully.” Location shows as a blank.

Why would something in Failed to backup, have “completed successfully”? Where did that Date come from??  What computer created files in the 1600’s??? (;->