GEN 2 password!!!

I just bought a My at amazon cloud 4 t. Discovery is V2 OS ~ now I want to connect SHH ~ ~ it’s a pity that I don’t know the password ~ please inform SHH password

When you enable SSH on the WD My Cloud Dashboard, it should popup a dialog box that tells you the password.

It should be:
SSH Login Name: root
SSH Login Password: welc0me

Note that is a zero and not an “O” in the password.

After first SSH login, it should prompt you to enter a new password.

username is no longer root but sshd,and the password is what you set on the web page

Thanks very much ! let me try !!!

Good to know. And that highlights another difference between the v2.x and the v4.x firmware. Something that is not mentioned (that I could see) in the v2.x My Cloud User Manual. And it is something not mentioned on the WD Support Document on how to activate SSH on the My Cloud:

Wow: an unannounced, inadequately documented, entirely different but barely distinguishable version of the ‘MyCloud Personal’ causing difficulties for users and unpaid support staff? Who would have guessed that would happen…?

Oh yes: we did…