Gen 2 and Gen 3 "sharing" a Media Library?

I have a Gen 3 WD TV Live Plus connected to my main TV (I believe Gen 3 is correct description - current generation?).  I’ve enabled the Media Library on this unit, and added all my movie files to the library.  I also have a Gen 2 WD TV Live Plus connected to a secondary TV.  I’ve never enabled the Media Library on this unit.  If I enable it’s Media Library and point it to the same network share folder as in the Gen 3 unit, will the Gen 2 use the existing library files (xml, metathumb, folders, etc) or will it attempt to recreate everything, thus possibly losing the media info that I had to manually get for many of my movies?

If this is already discussed elsewhere, please provide a link; I was unable to find anything.



There is no such thing as a Gen 3 Live Plus.  There is only one Live Plus, and it does not support Media Library for NAS.

OK, how about this:  My “Gen 2” is labeled “WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player”, and my “Gen 3” is labeled “WD TV Live Streaming Media Player.”  On both units, I access movie files on a NAS, and I’m NOT using DLNA.

Are you saying that on the Live Plus I cannot compile a Media Library of files stored on a network share?  It can only compile a Library of files stored on a USB drive attached to the unit?


That’s correct.

Well, that certainly answers my question.  Thanks, TonyPh12345.

A follow-up question: Can two WD TV Live SMP devices share a Media Library?


That’s not so easy to answer.   

The “general” answer is YES – but there are issues if both of them try to WRITE to the database at the same time.

Thanks again, TonyPh12345.  Should work for me, as I won’t be using both units at the same time.