Gen 1 Mycloud 2TB... Utter confusion after update to latest firmware (sorry)

Hi All,

I bought a secondhand Mycloud Gen1 2TB drive, it all setup fantastically, I could connect via web portal AND more importantly connect via WDMycloud windows app.

I copied files over and it all worked great, however I updated to the latest fireware version 2.31.174

It seems after this fireware was applied I could nolonger access the drive via windows app, after searching it sems it nolonger works with this update and you have to use windows files system i.e find the drive in explorer…

ok fine, but it will not let me copy anything to the mvoies folder fior example… if i drag and red cross appears.

1 - Is there a new version of windows WDMYcloud that works on Windows 10 for the older Gen1 dirve

2 - If not how the hell do you copy stuff onto the drive via explorer?

Many thanks

I have done more research, am I correct in saying this is the only choice I have…

What if i full factory reset, will the windows mycloud app work again?


ok…more findings…

i just succesfully mapped a drive directly to the movie folder on the WD drive.

it works but it is WAAAAAY slower over a mapped drive can anyone confirm if reverting back to factory reset and fireware I’ll be able to use the old WDCLOUD windows app?

why do they stop supporting!?

@valleyboy The first generation My Cloud has firmware 04.xx.xx and the 2nd generation has the firmware 2.xx.xx. Look at the following information and see which one you have.

I have one of each and I have no problem with either.

The Desktop App no longer works with the My Cloud, 1st or 2nd generation. Use File Explorer.

Using File Explorer, if you have Windows 10, you should be able to drag and drop without any problem. See Example image below. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

I use WD SmartWare to backup my computers.

Hi cat0w

Many thanks for you reply, I can confirm mine is a -10

I guess I’ll stick with file explorer, the drive works and thats the main thing,