Gdrive interferring with speakers

Hi there
I recently found I had a weird noise on my speakers attached to my computer, itsl ike a pulsing noise ( like a dum dum dum hearbeat noise ) there are attached my a 3.5mm hadphone out to RCA .
The noise doesnt start when the computers on , but as soon as audio goes to the speakers it starts and then doesnt stop , it took a lot of fault finding … new cables for the speakers, new power extensions etc… but finally found if I unplug my Gdrive the noise stops.
Even if the drive is off but still powered the noise happens. Since the drive is my edit drive its a nightmare i cant have it plugged in with this issue . HAs anyone experienced this or have a work around ? ?

I had a pair of speakers a while ago that were USB Powered connected to my PC also with 3.5mm Audio Jack which would give interference and a pulsing sound.

If i unplugged the USB Power from the PC and used an external 5V Power Supply for the speakers, the interference and pulsing sound would stop.

I ending buying New Speakers which solved the problem. Same connection, 5V USB Powered to the PC and 3.5mm Audio Jack … no interference or pulsing sound with the different speakers. I guess they are better quality than my other crummy speakers ?

they are mains powered roket KRK’s so its just the input from the computer and no power from the computer