Gaming Mode

Hi everyone!

I got a WD Black sn750 SSD to help with those long loading times of newer games, and no regrets, this thing is fast! A couple of newer games still have some pauses during some load ups/area transitions so I thought I’d give the SSD’s gaming mode a try. No one wants their game to freeze at a vital moment only to find that you’ve missed that button prompt and Lara is now falling to her death.

I’m wondering what the pros and cons to gaming mode are though. More performance, obviously, but will it decrease the life span of the SSD? Cause a lot more heat? Is the heat spreader something I’d want to consider if I planned on using gaming mode a lot? Does it mean that the SSD will be running full blast all the time, or only when it needs to be, i.e. during a game?


1st It wouldn’t be a worry to me at all because the prices of SSDs are dropping everyday.
2nd Backup, backup and then backup again if you’re really worried about failure.

A quote from the WD Specs Document:

“MTTF (Mean Time To Failure) 1,750,000 Hours”

That’s ~72,916.6 days or ~199.7 years. Use it or lose it! I don’t think you’ll live long enough to wear it out. :smile: