Gallery View/Scrolling ThumbSheet Trick Attempt

Gallery View Scrolling ThumbSheet Trick Attempt

WD have confirmed that “CoverFlow” like thumbnails are not possible with the LIVE HUBS hardware.

I Thought of a little ‘Illusion’ today to try to convey the impression of ‘Movement’

At the very least with this attempt, there is a visual indication of which direction you are scrolling (left or right)

It’s basically a “Trickle Sheet” with a modified “marque” command.

Once again, the sheet is small in dimensions which allows for acceptable navigation speed.

LIVE HUB meta data can also be displayed in the view (move the Y position of the sheet and Metadata text below)


Anyways, it was just an idea:neutral_face:

Template was quickly done, and not really finished.

I watched your WDTV GEn1 scroll video, its amazing!

This one is also good.!

Will be great in gallery view …

And i was wondering if you could add a glow colour overlaying the thumbnails like this:

Wow, just when you think things are looking great, the get better, you’ve got quite a noggin’ on you, brilliant.

Jus an idea too

The gallery view slows down because the hub load the thumbnail/sheet twice :

–> the focused movie

–> the trickle view

is it possible to enlarge the trickle view with spécial thumbnail  and not load the focused sheet

is it possible to modify the wrapper for this

exemple of view ( quickly and badly created in :


direct link :

As an explaination…

Here is the rv_gallery_browse_page.xml  modification used in the  demo video.

The sheet gets drawn ‘Once’ and only ‘One’  browse_thumbnail  is used… no ‘focus’ either  :slight_smile:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

This code in combination with a “Trickle” sheet i quickly did,  for use with it, gives the results you see in the video.


yes yes  :slight_smile:

I think my idea is not possible because of the restricion of the wrapper


This looks great, as does everything else you are doing! When do you think you could post this for others to use? And also, when do you think your full theme will be available? i am eagerly waiting!:smileyvery-happy:



With your scrolling effect, would it also be possible to create something like shown below without the need of creating movie sheets?


This scrolling effect can be done without the need of creating a movie sheet.  However, it will work except for when you get to the end of the of your files. 

Because of how the HUB scrolls, (and using your pic as an example) the last 8 Coverarts will not be pulled to the front.

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Yet again amazing work Joey…

However personally i find the work involved in updated trickle sheets everytime i add a new movie far to laborious.

Please keep up the work…Its amazing i too had previously noticed your Gen 1 work…

Hey Moderators!!

can you please request Hellbund! to observe the rules!

Very nice Joey! When do you think we can see a release?