Gallery Moviesheet/Thumbnail Trick

Tried to find a way around Moviesheet with the Moviesheet as a Thumbnail. (and without having to use the dummy file method)

I created a method of having a Moviesheet + Thumbnail gets displayed at the bottom of the screen. (bonus… has a ‘Reflection’ as well)

Also, all files eg. Movie.mkv  Movie.jpg  Movie.xml  are contained in one MAIN folder. No subfolders are used with the method. (It is a simple Navigate --> Click --> Play Movie)

This is NOT a ‘Covertrickle’ method !  

This method only requires you to create ONE sheet whenever you want to add a new movie.

(And also if you delete a movie, everything is still in correct alphabetical order.)

The Moviesheet in this Demonstration is a small resolution… but the navigation is fairly quick.

YOUTUBE LINK:  00:01:00 min   Navigation Speed Demonstration

I did experiment with Larger Resolutions, but unfortunatly the navigation became horribly slow (unworkable)

This Method can also be applied to wall sheets,wide thumbs etc… with carefull design and layout.

I can post a Visual Explaination of how i achieved this.  One hint: i got the idea from “Photo View” and some of its code.

This Gallery view is a Work In Progess (Thumbnail spacing needs alginment tweaks, ‘Watched’ and ‘Favourite’ Overlays need to coded and graphics designed)

Oh, visuals inspired by “Xperience”


That is so fast!!!+

– what will happen if i delete the movie prince of persia?

will the thumbnail for prince of persia be still there on other moviesheets?

edit: I think i now understand how this thing works! Great job!

Seriously Joey, now you just showing off LOL…

Wow that is amazing, please share the code lets work on this idea …

I be honest if i can get that kind of result i will be tempted to change my movie layout and put them in same folder !!!

This is how it is done…

Step 1. Custom Designed Moviesheet  (To be used with Thumbgen)

Step 2. The Custom Moviesheet Overlayed (Descriptions Included)

Step 3. The Coverup

Step 4. The Final Result

The End User only has to do Step1 (Use Thumbgen to create the Moviesheet)  the Gallery Mod takes care of the Rest.



wow, you Sir are brilliant.  Awesome looking, cant wait.

very impressive construction

I don’t understand why you put the thumbnail into the Custom Designed Moviesheet to hide it after with a coverup??

Must have to do with thumbgen or speed or thumbnail


concentrate myself to understand…

the thumbnail list is a part of the movisheet or not ?

how could you have a movie.jpg for the thumbnail and another one for the movie sheet?


the thumbnail at the bottom is part of the moviesheet!!!

so he uses both the movie.jpg as thumbnail and moviesheet!

great thinking!

but then we will be limited to use only one moviesheet template

and because of the hub processing capabilities, the template need to be of small resolution…

Very clever Joey…

btw what is the size of the moviesheet you are generating ? and approx what size are they

Yes i see why you hide the thumbnail part as it keeps things neater… 

I have a theory that the Hub slows down in Gallery view compared to List view as it try to download the backdrops from the internet…

Sure, the Thumbnail in the Moviesheet doesent  ‘Have’  to be hidden…

It was Aesthetic Choice… i didnt like ‘duplicate thumbs’ and also the Thumbnail in the Moviesheet is too high upwards due the reflection.

At the end of the day, when ive finished and posted it, you can redesign it the way you want.


please also upload test folders…

so that we may better understand it!

one more thing, its appears that thumbnails seem to loose definition… it is not crisp and clear?

you resize the the movie.jpg into the thumbnail list to see only the left part (the thumbnail part)

is it correct?

my english is not quite good to understand promptly

Just past midnight here… gotta go, tired and head spinning.

Basically, the Moviesheet is 1133 x 300 …

so, normally that also gets displayed as the Thumbnail.

in the Code of Gallery View, for the thumbnail… ive set it to only draw the top left part of the Moviesheet.

anyways, too much to explain… i will try to ‘tidy up’ a few things tommorrow and upload for you all to have a test.



I understand everything :smileyvery-happy:

And my english is so bad to express all my respect for this work :wink:

Hi Joey one small request, just like firetix asked when you release your theme please include a sample folder so we can use to test the theme out…

Ps as an aside that background of yours is very nice btw

Great work Joey looks very promising, looking forward to trying it out!!

hi all,

will this only work on that moviesheet template?

or will u be able to use others

You’ll be able to use others, but they have to be of a similar layout.  I had a similar idea, so I’ll try to explain how it works.

Instead of using  scale , it uses no scale, so it relies on the width and height set in the xml and does not scale the image.  By not scaling the image it will use the full size of the image, but will cut off anything that does not fit within the set width & height that is set in the xml.

By setting the x & y postion in the xml for the thumbnail image in scroll plane, you can determine which part of the Moviesheet you want to display.

Here is more less what it’s doing:

Here a Moviesheet.


And here is what it is doing to display the thumbnail.


So size and placement is important in the Moviesheet.