G-Technology 6TB Thunderbolt + USB

I was planning on buying another G-Technology 6TB drive with Thunderbolt and USB (with the heat sink at the bottom). I notice this particular 6TB drive is no longer in stock anywhere. Has WD decided to stop producing this 6TB model?

How does the version with out the heat sink compare to the one that’s out of stock?

What about the the other 6TB drive with only USB compare?

How big a deal is not having the heat sink? Does the aluminum casing help a lot with heat dissipation?

The drive would be used for backup and some photo and video editing.

the model with the heatsink on the bottom has been out of production for many years at this point. 4 years+

They moved to a different design. The new design focuses on air-flow to help cool the unit so it has larger front bezel that allows for air slip to go thru.

Thank you for responding. Is the new design just as effective without the heat sink? I’m just wondering if the heat dissipation is equivalent or less with the new design since it relies on air-flow. I assume it’s fan less and relies on the holes in the casing, correct? I’m concerned that the drive might heat more quickly with the current design.