G Studio XL 24TB wont mount, causing other issues

I have a G-Speed Studio XL 24 TB Raid 5 set-up. Two days ago it stopped mounting to my 2017 Imac 25". The drive does not show up at all in Disk Utilities while plugged in, however when I unplug the drive I see a brief greyed-out “Unitialized Disk” in disk utility. Also, the drive does not allow my computer to shut down while plugged in, and sometimes freezes disk utility completely. All the drives still show a blue light (healthy). Someone mentioned to me that it could be the controlboard? Ive tried multiple cables and power sources so it cant be that.

I have the terminal logs here pastebin link
these are in regards to 1: botting pu the imac and enclosure 2: trying to open G speed utility 3: trying to open disk utility

Update: After performing a SMC and NVRAM reset, the drive will now mount, I am able to access folderw on the drive for a minute, after that I cant access anything. When trying to perform First Aid in disk utility, I get the erro message that it is unable to unmount the drive.