G-Speed Shuttle XL with ev Carriers Drive Slot 8

Hey team, hoping for a little guidance here as this is a weird one and I don’t know how to troubleshoot it exactly, but maybe there’s a command I can run in the terminal or something to clear this up.

Not that I think the OS/software/driver is the problem, but I’m running on an M1 Mac mini with 11.6.1 Big Sur. Firmware all latest version.


In drive slots 1-6 I have a RAID5 that is working perfectly. Slots 7 and 8 came with ev Carriers which are obviously removable. I have purchased additional drives with sleds for this unit a few years ago — this one, to be precise. My thought was I can hot swap drives 7 and 8 for archiving data without having to purchase a bunch of external hard drives. Here’s the issue I’m experiencing:

  • Let’s say Slot 7 and 8 are empty
  • I insert one of these after-market drives into Slot 7—It mounts perfectly on my desktop and I can use it within a few seconds
  • I insert a second after-market drive into Slot 8 and… nothing. Blue light at the bottom doesn’t come on, no additional hard drive mounts, and it doesn’t appear in the G-Speed Software Utility

Ok, maybe the hard drive is bad? Easy test:

  • I remove the drive from Slot 7 and put the drive from Slot 8 there—It mounts perfectly on my desktop and I can use it within a few seconds
  • I put the drive that was originally in slot 7 into slot 8—nothing happens

Power issue? Slot 8 is damaged? Maybe, let’s verify:

  • I take the drive out of Slot 8, insert the ev Carrier loaded with an SSD. Mounts immediately, full speed available.
  • Remove the ev Carrier, try the drive again… nothing

What in the world is going on here? Slot 8 always works with an ev Carrier and SSD drive, but will not mount a full-sized drive in a sled anymore. Please keep in mind I was able to do this just a few weeks ago.

Any ideas?


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