G-Speed Shuttle XL 48TB - setup raid instructions

Hi All,

I have just purchased this new drive system specifically for video editing in 4k.
After reading and researching i have decided raid 5 is probably my best option.

I am finding it hard to find any instructions or information / videos etc on how to configure this system.

I am using latest MacOs Sierra 10.12.3

After looking briefly through the forum - i did see a post where a contributor had asked how to configure raid 5 -
he was told to goto ‘physical drive’ in the studio software and click settings for each drive and enable to ‘unconfigured’ option. Even though i have unlocked the padlock - i am still unable to click this option.

The unit is fresh out the box and only just been turned on - am i missing something? should i have followed other steps in the initial setup?

i really need help configuring this unit to raid 5.

Many Thanks

The unit itself is RAID5 out of the box. There is no need to change.

hi and thank you, i did manage to work that out.

are there any online manuals / pdf’s available to download for this model?


Here is a direct link: G-Speed Studio User Guide

The documentation for the G-Speed Studio and Shuttle are identical. This will provide any information you should need.

is this the correct manual for the g-speed shuttle xl?


Yes, as I mentioned the Shuttle and Studio XL are identical in every way except outside physical appearance.