G-Speed Shuttle Unmounts Itself

My G-Speed Shuttle, connected via Thunderbolt 3 on Windows 10, unmounts itself. It is set to raid 10 and formatted as exfat.

I’ve noticed that what I would call “corrupt” files force the Shuttle to unmount when they are accessed. This doesn’t happen regularly and I have difficulty replicating it, but it is becoming more common. Sometimes the “corrupt” files are straight from camera and other times they have come from fresh exports from Adobe Premiere.

A recent example is when copying a fresh export, that was 80GB, the file transfer would get to 95.9% and crash. The explorer window freezes until the drive unmounts itself. Repeating the transfer causes the same effect over and over. The only way to mount the drive again is to unplug/plug or restart the machine.

Any Ideas?