G Speed Q enclosure?

Hi, My G-SPEED Q 4-Bay 8TB (0G02836) currently isn’t working and is three months past warranty. It appears the drives are fine, but the enclosure has failed. G-Tech support told me they no longer offer this enclosure for sale. I haven’t even found any used ones online. What G-Tech enclosures or after market units will fit with my drives?

Any other G-speed Q enclosure as long as it matches the same USB version yours is. If it is an 8TB unit then it would have the USB 3.0 so any G-Speed Q enclosure with USB 3.0 will support your drives.

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OK, bought an enclosure on eBay. Plugged in my drives, all solid blue lights, but while it does mount to my MacBook, when I try to open or copy a file from it, the whole thing dismounts. What’s going on?