G-Speed FC 6x 4TB upgrade

I have G-Speed FC 6x 1TB hdd configuration. What about 4TB or maybe 6TB/8TB hhd’s ?


The original FC was not designed to handle drives over 2TB each. That is the highest we ever tested in the enclosure.

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What’s the biggest drive you ever tested in a G-Speed Q 1TB?


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You specifically asked about a 1TB unit which locks your capacity question. But to be more open the largest G-Speed Q we made was a 32TB unit 4x8TB drives. However this was the final one we made and it had a much newer controller in it than the originals that had 1TB drives in them and lower.

I need help trying to get G-SPEED FC and iMac (10.6.4) to communicate, using an Ethernet hub, and two regular/normal Ethernet cables. I have set the IP address that is on the LCD panel of the G-SPEED FC 5 bay enclosure. I have pinged the IP address successfully, but cannot see the G-SPEED FC on the iMac. I have read, that G-SPEED FC can be directly connect to an Apple computer. Using an Ethernet cable. That Ethernet router or hub is not needed. Would like to know if that is true. Once I get the iMac to see the G-SPEED FC. Would like to know, if the G-SPEED FC will work with 2TB or 4TB hard drives.

I’ve got 2Tb HGST 7200rpm SATA drives from an old SAN installed in a raid-5 configuration in mine and its been stable and working fine for 9 months…

It’s connected to an HP microserver N54L Plex server via an OM4 LC-LC patchlead and an IBM HBA card running at 4Gb.

It is too noisy for day to day use but fire it up once a week to backup my Laptop & Plex server.

I’d like to try 3Tb or 4Tb drives in it but have been unable to find any information on if they’ll work.

To show you how slow (backwards) I am, when it comes to setting this stuff up. I have read your response, and have no idea what you are talking about. Maybe it’s because I am using a Mac machine. I gave up on mine. Decided to use an 8-bay Granite, that uses eSATA cables and cards. Was working fine with my Mac Pro 3,1 Hooked it up to a Mac Pro 4,1 machine. Three months later, one of the 4-2TB hard drives installed. Caused the Mac Pro 3,1 to start beeping. Hard drive #3, would dismount, beeping would start. Beeping can only be stopped, by turning the computer off. I have new hard drives being delivered later in the week. Will replace the #3 hard drive. Hopefully that will solve the problem.