G Speed es Pro not mounting after upgrading from El Capitan to High Sierra

Just upgraded from El Capitan to High Sierra and the es Pro drive will not mount. The system report see’s the Raid Controller but says there are no drivers installed. I cant find any driver or firmware updates online.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Mac Pro-Mid 2010

We no longer support the eS and eS PRO lines and their software packages for the driver support ended in 10.8. Since 10.9 HighPoint has their drivers embedded in the Mac OS.

Do you know if you have an ATTO or HighPoint card for your eS PRO?

If it is ATTO then you need to get an updated R680 set of drivers from their site. If it is a HighPoint card you’ll need to make sure it is the 4522 card. You’ll get the software & support from HighPoint

Thanks for the reply. Mine is a HighPoint card. I think its a 4322 though according to the system report. Not interested in buying a new card for this old Mac so I’ll try downgrading back to 10.11.

How can I make it run under high sierra?
I threw away my old PCI Card because it was 10 years old like my MacPro 5,1 from mid 2010 and my GSpeed es. I thought it was the fault of the old card. So what to do now? Thank you very much.
Best regards, Mario