G Speed eS bad sector count too much!

Hi, new to the forum so any help or advice would be appreciated, thanks
We have a G Speed eS hooked up to our editing system which has become slow to read data and throwing up errors.
It is configured as 3 separate RAID 5 arrays (shows as 3 disks in Windows) and I will try to explain what the G Speed utility is telling me:
Two out of the three arrays are of critical status and the maintenance link tells me there is an offline disk.
Further, if I go toDrive status, there are 2 physical disks with 0 bad sectors, one with 68 bad sectors but status ok, and one other with 1691 bad sectors and has failed.
Please if anyonoe can advise the problem and how I can go about rectifying it I would be very grateful. I am of course more than happy to post more details if required.

You cannot rectify bad sectors on a drive. There is a threshold that allows for usability up to a certain point but eventually it becomes unusable especially in a RAID environment.

The answer going forward would be to match the part # of the drives you have in the unit and try to source them out and replace them as soon as possible.

Hi Rydia,
Thanks for your reply.

I was under the impression when we bought the system, that if any drive failed we could replace it with any of the same capacity that would fit in the caddy? Is this not true?

Thank you,

It has to be the same model drive, not just matching capacity.

OK thanks for the info. It seems I am stuck! Any one know if these models still made (P/N 0F10311)? Or is it a case of finding a refurbished or new old stock etc??
Thanks again