G-RAID7 Utility cannot find G-Raid Removable

Hello, thank you in advance for your support!

I have a G-Raid Removable 4TB

Model GRARPB40002BDB SKU 0G03240

It was previously configured for RAID0 for use on a Mac. I am now redeploying it on a Windows 10 Machine via the USB 3.0 Interface. I have successfully cleaned all partitions and reformatted it in Windows initially as RAID0, but now I want to use it as a RAID1 unit.

The G-RAID7_Raid_Configuration_Utility_Windows was downloaded and extracted. I have tried to run it numerous times but the Utility hangs when Searching for a Compatible Drive. Any hints or advice?

Thank you again!

You could try use the mac configuator found here to do the hardware raid, then format it ex-fat. Then move to windows 10 and see how it appears. You may be able to re-format it how you wish then. Hope you get it sorted.

Hello - thank you for your reply. That is part of the problem, I currently do not have access to a Mac (due to self quarantine!). Probably at least 6-8 weeks.

The idea is solid - it will be a 2TB RAID1. Perfect for Ex-Fat. So the battle continues, will report back if I get this going.

Ahhhh, I understand now. Really long way around, virtual box an OSx. Painful though.

Hello, yes indeed! I was hoping that the native Windows utility would work smoothly… Lets see if someone from Support chimes in.

Thanks again for your insight.