G-raid vs g-drive....which to buy & why? help

JusT got a NEW 2016/2017 MacBook Pro 15 w tbar, 1tb ssd, thunderbolt3, etc (almost maxed out). I have installed FCPx. I am new to Mac (& FCPX). My PLAN is to keep the MacBook clean by utilizing an external drive. I want a nice external drive or array to be my “do-it-all” drive. I will keep everything on the external drive except programs/apps. Programs like FCPx will be on the internal ssd drive. All my files, pics, videos etc will be on the external drive. As stated, I am new to Mac and FCPx but my PLAN is to go into FCPx settings & set it up to “leave files in place” so that when I’m editing all the vids and files stay on the external drive. I assume FCPx can work this way and simply reference the videos on the external drive. Please correct me if this is a bad plan. …QUESTIONS: WHAT EXTERNAL DRIVE SOLUTION DO I NEED TO BUY? Is G-DRIVE THUNDERBOLT 3 10TB good for this? Would I see better performance if I went with G-RAID THUNDERBOLT 3 12TB? If I did get the G-RAID version, is it already set up as RAID 0? Would raid-0 be better performance? Do I even need Thunderbolt3 or is USB just as good? In real world, is there a difference? …ALSO: I am thinking of getting a $200 wd desktop easy store 8tb drive (Best Buy) to use to BACK-UP to…Is this a good strategy for backing up? .SUGGESTIONS PLEASE & THANKS!

There are different direct attached storages available. You may consider My Book Duo or My Book Pro if looking for a RAID solution. These are USB drives.

My Book Duo: https://www.wdc.com/en-um/products/external-storage/my-book-duo.html
My Book Pro: https://www.wdc.com/en-um/products/external-storage/my-book-pro.html

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