G-Raid T3 Charging


I am interested to buy the G-Raid T3:

I would like to ask,
There are 2 T3 ports on the back.
Assuming that 1 of them is connected to my MacBook Pro 15", and the other goes to a 4K monitor, will it charge the laptop, by having just the T3 connected to a power source?

The important thing here is the laptop needs 85W charger. Many things out there will be able to charge a 13" MacBook but not a 15" one.

Anyone actually tried it and can confirm?

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It has to be the newest MBP model that has TB3 on it. It came out first in Nov 2016. And screen size makes no difference.

Hi Rydia and Alexander,

Thanks a lot for getting back. I really appreciate it.

Amazing news since most USB-C monitors out there can’t charge the 15” 2016 onwards MacBook Pro, they just keeping it alive without charging.

Thanks again, I will order the G-Raid very soon.

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