G Raid removable 8TB (2 4TB split) USB3 2 FireWire SATA drive 1 dead


Hello everyone
My GRAID is 1 year old still under warranty. Never left my studio and today my first drive is not recognisable on desktop (Mac) . The second drive is working fine… but I am eager to sort the one that is not working and most importantly transfer all the data to the second one. Did all utilities and Disk Warrior stuff to recover the icon one the desktop.
Still only Drive 2 on the desktop. How can I recover Drive 1?

Please advise:

  1. shell I get a return RMA number and send it back (purchased in London UK central).
  2. free data transfer from 1 to 2 drive would that be possible at the shop where was purchased a year a go

Thank you.


The drive will only show 1 drive on the desktop unless you set the RAID as JBOD. The device out of the box is RAID0 which makes both drives stripe as one large one. The other option is RAID1 which mirrors them, however the computer only still ever sees 1 drive.

  1. You can generate an RMA on our website to get a replacement chassis for the G-RAID
  2. The data is automatically mirror’d to both drives if you have it set as RAID1. If you never changed the RAID policy of the device when you purchased it then the data is spread across both drives. Our warranty doesn’t cover data transfer or salvage.