G-Raid Raid 1 Question - not seeing 2 drives in Disk Utility

I have used the G-Drive configurator tool to set my drive to Raid 1 from the default Raid 0. In finder i see 4TB available, but in Disk Utility I only see one drive - in my past experience with LaCie (which wasn’t a good one) i would see a Raid configuration with 2 drives. I want to be sure data is writing to 2 drives before I start loading it up. Any ideas? Is this to be expected? Thanks

Yes, the fact that it only shows 1 drive means it is working. Our device is a hardware RAID device which means the computer has no idea there are 2 drives, that is why you had to use our software to convert the RAID.

Thanks Rydia. I was able to setup Raid with Disk Utility but sounds like what you’re saying is I should not, but should only use the G-Raid Configuration software. Yes?