G-Raid mounting to desktop but NOT appearing in Finder?

Hi, I have two 8TB Graids connected to my iMac, both have been working well - until now.

One being my regular work space the other is daisy chained and preforms as a back up (through Time Machine). My Back up Graid mounts up to the desktop and appears in the finder also…

However, my directly connected and day to day workspace Graid mounts only to the desktop. It won’t appear in the finder. So I cannot place files directly and have to first copy all files locally to the desktop before dropping back any files to the Graid once any file have been amended.

Q: How can I get the Graid to appear in the finder again.

(I’ve run ‘First Aid’ through Disk Utility on the Disk to no avail)

Hope the above makes sense, I’m not computer savvy at all, any ideas / tricks are gratefully recieved.

Many thanks