G-Raid Ejects one daily, during the night

I store my photographs on a 6TB G-Raid (2x3TB drives) Thunderbolt 2 which is backed up nightly using Super Duper to another 4TB G-drive with USB. Every morning i get a notice that the G-Raid has improperly ejected. I can only get it to remount if I restart buy computer. Then the cycle repeats again the next night. I have changed the power supply and the Thunderbolt connection but pattern stays the same.

That’s really weird, I’ve never experienced that nor never heard of that.

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I’m having a similar issue. I am using a G-Raid TB3 in JBOD mode, i.e. each disk (10 TB) is an individual volume. SMART does not indicate anything wrong on either disk, but overnight, one of the two disks (i.e. volumes) is reported as “improperly disconnected” by macOS Catalina when I wake up my Mac mini 2018.

It is always the same volume of the two in the enclosure (on a HGST HUH721010ALE604 Firmware: LHGNW21D, ~1700 power on hours).

I need to re-start my Mac to make the second volume available again.

The device (incl. the disks) is about 4 months old and in use. Why would the one volume disconnect itself improperly overnight?

Thanks for any tips,

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I’ve been researching this like crazy and nothing is leading to a solution. I’m wondering if it’s an issue with Adobe software as my external drives are used to store my Lightroom photo library. I’ve even switched from SuperDuper to Carbon Copy Cloner to rule out the backup up software. I have another 4TB g-tech drive I use with Time Macine to backup my iMac and there’s no problem with that. Hence I’m wondering fi there’s an issue with Adobe Software
and G-Tech drive

I am not using any Adobe Software.

For further investigation, I swapped location of the drives in the enclosure. The next time the “improperly disconnected” notification occurred, it was the other volume compared to the previous time it happened. Therefore, it looks like this issue is tied to a specific slot in the enclosure.

All firmware updates (hunting for the necessary software for hours on the convoluted WD/G-Technology website…) are up-to-date.

What to do next?