G-RAID 8TB corrupted

Hi, I brought this G-RAID 8TB drive for my daughter to store her university work. Was set up as Raid 1, as the main requirement is for safe storage over speed and 2 copies of the same file should be better than 1 right. Having set it up she moved over about 250GB of video files. Now I am told it was working fine and she unmounted it before powering down.
On powering up again she gets the disk you have inserted is not readable by this computer and get the option to ignore, or reinitialise it. So my question is how can the 250GB of files written to the drive be recovered? I assume I need to initalise the device again, but can’t afford to lose the work on their.
For info the MacBook pro its connected to is running is using High Sierra 10.3.

Maybe I should take one of the drives out and connect it to my windows box and see if I can read the disk that way? When its auto configured what file system does it use ? HFS? NTFS? other?
Any suggestions?

The drive is formatted out of the box as Mac OS Extended (HFS+) and it is RAID0, so to configure it to RAID1 it will require a fresh format, so depending on how she did it it could be a few file systems. Most of the time people use the default which is HFS+.

If the computer gives that message then she can make sure she is using the correct power adapter. A lot of times people swap them without realizing and if its under-powered it will only power on 1 drive and cause similar issues to this. So if it is a TB2 unit it will be 12v and 4 or 5a. If it is a TB3 unit it will be 19v and 4.74a.

Also can make sure both drives are seated flush in the enclosure. Can try ejecting and sliding them back in all the way to make sure they are mounted properly.

If after all that and it still is giving the same message then the partition on the drive has been corrupted and it would need to be restored with software. If it was formatted for Mac after the configuration to RAID1 then the best chance would be to use Disk Warrior to rebuild the drive.

Hi Rydia, its a TB2 and has a 12v 5a power supply. I’m not sure what she did, but I forked out for a copy of DiskWarrior, which has now rebuilt the directory. Sadly for me many of the files seem to be unreadable - ie: jan’t view JPG’s and can’t play MP4 files. Not sure if there is abything I can do to recover these? I’m only really trying to recover her video files. Maybe I need to turn to a professional disk recovery service?

There is also data recovery software such as Data Rescue made by Prosoft Engineering but there is a chance it doesn’t work in that case as well.