G-RAID 4TB change RAID from 1 to 0 - succeeded

I’m attempting to reconfigure a RAID 4TB (GR4 4000 EMEA FW800 ports, USB2, eSATA) from a RAID 1 configuration to RAID 0. However the original installer discs have gone missing. The G-TECH configurator software for G-RAID Mini does not work.

G-RAID mounts fine on Mac OSX 10.6 upwards, but as a 2TB device due to mirroring under RAID 1. Would like to reconfigure back to RAID 0 for video editing capture.

Can anyone give any tips or provide links to software downloads that can help in this task?

Okay, strike this request. I connected the G-RAID to a few different Macs, and eventually managed to get the G-RAID Mini configurator software (Oxford chipset) to work on a MacBook. Now running RAID 0 happily!

So if you have a similar G-RAID, the G-RAID Mini configurator should work…