G-Raid 2TB freezes Finder on Mac

Dear all

Since two weeks I have the following problem:

As soon I start my G-Raid 2TB I’m able to use my iMac for around 4 Minutes and then…freezes completely…the G-Raid is not visible in Finder.

The G-Raid is attached via Firewire/Thunderbolt adapter to my iMac.

When I attache the drive to my MacBoook (same cable, adapter etc) it works perfectly.
If I use the G-Raid with USB on my iMac it works fine.

I’ve spoke with the Apple support and they told me it should be a problem of the drive. I’ve told them it could not be. Because my iMac has HighSierra 10.13.2 and the MacBook 10.13.1…I told them it’s a HighSierra Update problem…

Apple told me to contact the G-Technology Support…

Could someone help me?

Many thanks

There is nothing we can do on our end. The issue is likely due to the FireWire interface. Even with using an adapter. FireWire is a legacy interface to Apple. Using it over USB will be your only option on that computer from now on. You’d need to get a new drive with USB 3.0 or direct Thunderbolt so you don’t have to use adapters.

hold on…that’s not true…right? on a macbook (newer model) it works (10.13.1) and on my imac (late 2014 - 10.13.2) it’s not working.

there must be a problem in highsierra…i can’t imagine that the same setup is working on a macbook and not working on a imac…

You can attempt to fix the hardware profile on your iMac. Resetting the SMC and the NVRAM: Reset SMC

already done…doesn’t work.

Really strange…i think it’s a update bug