G-RAID 24TB Thunderbolt 3 - can I replace drives with larger capacity?

I’m using the drive in JBOD mode, the two drives as a single volume. I have 2 identical G-Raid units as backup, one on site, one off. Even though the drive is in warranty, I’d like to replace the drives with newer drives.
What size drives can go in this unit? The individual drive sizes are 12TB of course, But I’m looking at 14 and even 18TB drives as the prices are so good.
Enterprise or highest quality I’m assuming?
I’m also seeing Interface options of Sata III 6 GB/s or SAS-3 12 GB/s. I assume SAS-3 12 GB/s is the latest and fastest interface, but is it compatible with the unit?
Many thanks!!!

edit, just realised you’re using a G-Raid… the info I posted below was for the G-Speed Shuttles, but I’m fairly certain it should apply the the G-Raid too

larger sizes can go in, though I’m not sure if you can mix & match as I’ve only ever used similar sized drives.

Enterprise drives are the ones you want, and SATA 6Gb/s.

If you use the G-Raid utility, you can find the current spec of the drives installed and use the drive model number to see it’s spec - simply match that spec, but with a bigger capacity.

Don’t buy SAS drives, - they won’t work as the G-Raid hardware uses a SATA interface.


Good to know on the SATA III!
I’m actually looking at the WD Red Pro NAS Hard Drives, probably the 18TB as they’re just $50 more than the 14TB, turning the 24TB G-RAID into a 36 TB drive! If I do that, I might make that a RAID 1 instead of a JBOD, though I’d need to do a little more research on that, but does the WD Red Pro NAS Hard Drive look like a good drive for that enclosure?