G-RAID 16TB TB3 Crashing Windows 10



Recently purchased and installed G-RAID 16TB TB3 drive and configured to RAID 1 for use on new Dell XPS 9575 2 in 1 with drive plugged into TB3 port using G-Tech TB cable. Thunderbolt windows identifies drive and when permission is granted causes BSOD every time.

When plugged into USB-C port on G-RAID all works fine. have installed latest drivers on Windows 10 for G-RAID and Thunderbolt 3

Any suggestions for troubleshooting?



As long as you have the newest Intel TB 3 drives then it would be another conflict causing it on your system. We haven’t had customers report blue screens however. You can use USB 3 and get the same performance.


Hi Rydia,

Appreciate the response and will look into it further on the system side

Thanks again